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happy black dog in woman's arms

This is the initial in-person meeting at your home. It's a time for your pets to meet me and become familiar with my scent so that I'm not a "stranger" when they see me next.  It's a time to go over any questions you may have as well as a time for me to explain the process of each appointment and what to expect. This meeting will allow you to see how I interact with your fur family and to determine if I'm a good fit and vice versa. After all, you don't want to leave your babies with just anyone, you want to feel comfortable with whom you allow in your home and around your pets; they are an excellent judge of character you know. =)


Rate: Free / $25.00*

Timeframe: 20-40 minutes; based on customer needs/questions

*Additional M&G's available if reserving dates more than a month out or upon request.

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