About Me

Like so many folks today, I truly LOVE animals, especially dogs! My four boys are not my pets, they are my kids. I don't have any human children, but I do have four exceptionally hairy boys and they indeed are my life! My husband might even say I cater more to them than him (and he'd be right - haa!).


Upon meeting me, you'll easily be able to tell that I enjoy animals more

than most people.  I am quick to say hello to the furry friend in the

room before even addressing the humans, it's a social fault I have, but

it's one that makes me so perfect for this job!  My day is simply not

complete if I haven't socialized with any new fur friends that day.


I currently have the luxury of working from home creating websites and spending all day with my boys and couldn't be happier! Then I started thinking, how can I spend even more time with fur friends and make a living at it?  Then it hit me - I can be a dog walker!!!

So with that, I quickly signed up on Rover, took some background checks and courses to ensure my animal care skills and knowledge base were up to par and that I qualified for the job.  clearly my 30+ years of being a pet owner and animal lover were about to pay off and in 2019 Kathy's Pupper Doodles was created.

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