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If you're flexible with timing, I am able to accommodate daily and vacation visits for cat(s). I typically have late afternoons to evenings open on any given day, so I would be able to visit your feline fur babies every day in the later afternoons if that's an option for you.  Contact me for more details!

Small Dog Boarding

Services Offered

Vaccination Requirements: Please note that proof of Rabies and Distemper shots is required prior to my first visit.  Please have a current vet record printed or emailed to me.

happy black dog in woman's arms

Meet & Greet

This is the initial in-person meeting at your home. It's a time for your pets to meet me and become familiar with my scent so that I'm not a "stranger" when they see me next.  It's a time to go over any questions you may have as well as a time for me to explain the process of each appointment and what to expect. This meeting will allow you to see how I interact with your fur family and to determine if I'm a good fit and vice versa. After all, you don't want to leave your babies with just anyone, you want to feel comfortable with whom you allow in your home and around your pets; they are an excellent judge of character you know. =)

Rate: Free / $25.00*

Timeframe: 20-40 minutes; based on customer needs/questions

*Additional M&G's available if reserving dates more than a month out or upon request.

Small Terrier

15-Minute Potty Break

The 15-minute drop-in visit is perfect for that mid-day potty break and snack. It's a chance to check in on the pupper or tend to the litter box for Mr. Sprinkles. After each visit, I always send a quick follow-up text of how our visit went, what we did, and pictures of our day.

Rate: $18-$20, not available in all areas

Dog with Toy

30-Minute Visit / Walk

Whether it's a lunchtime potty and playtime break or a quick walk around the neighborhood to stretch our legs, your pup will be excited to get outside and play or go for a stroll.

Rate: 1 Dog $25 / 2 Dogs $35 / 3 Dogs $40

4+ dogs/pets, contact me for details/discounts

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Kathy's Pupper Doodles - Cat Visits

30-Minute Cat Visit

Social visit with your kitty that includes litter box cleanup, snacks or lunch, and some fun indoor play. After each visit, I always send a quick follow-up text of how our visit went, what we did, and pictures of our day.

This service covers up to 3 cats.

Rate: $25 / $5 for each additional cat

Questions? Contact Me

Kera - boarding

Small Dog Boarding

Now offering homestyle boarding for your pup who is 30# or less.  Homestyle boarding is different, and better in my opinion, than your traditional boarding and kennel situation in that your pup will have full access to my home with my 3 small boys (dogs).  There are no 6x6 "Premium Rooms" that they'll be kept in where all the extras like daily pix, snacks, and one-on-one time are a-la-carte and an additional fee.  All that is included, plus extra snuggles and lounging on my furniture, and chasing squirrels in my large, fenced-in backyard as well.  I do require that we do a trial visit prior to your vacation to ensure your pup is a good fit and will do well.  Lastly, I only accept one family dog at a time, so book early!!

Boarding Calendar

Trial Visit: (Noon Sat to Noon Sun) $75

Boarding Rate: $65/nt

Ck-In: 6pm  /  Ck-Out: Noon

I can Pick-up and Drop-Off your pet as well so it's one less errand you need to do.  Plus, it's so nice to see your furbaby when you get home vs waiting to go pick him up. Rate: $10-$15 one way

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Golden Retriever

Weekly & Vacation Visits

Weekly Visits: Looking for a regular lunchtime or late afternoon drop-in visit for your fur family? Whether every day or every few days, this is a repeating service that is customized to you and your pet's needs.


Vacation Visits: Want to keep your fur friends at home and comfortable while you're away versus sending them to a strange kennel where they can pick up fleas and who knows what while they're there? I will visit your home up to 4 times per day. Your fur family will have plenty of potty breaks during our visits, breakfast, dinner, and of course, lots of belly rubs and playtime while I'm there. Medications/vitamins are administered as needed. I will be happy to check the mail, bring in any packages, water the plants (within reason), and alternate the lights while you're away.

NOTE: Cat vacation visits require at least 1 visit per day. Dog vacation visits require at least 3 visits per day.

Rate: Prices Vary

Milton - seatbelt

Pet Taxi & Errand Service

Need me to pick up your pupper for his staycation at my house? Run out of kitty litter or dog food and need me to go get it for you?  Maybe Fido has a vet or groomer appointment and you just don't have time to take him.  Give me a call and I'll handle that for you.

Rate: $20 and up

Time: varies

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