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Cat Clients <

If you're flexible with timing, I am able to accommodate daily and vacation visits for cat(s). I typically have late afternoons to evenings open on any given day, so I would be able to visit your feline fur babies every day in the later afternoons if that's an option for you. Contact me for more details!


Small Dogs for Boarding <

I am able to board up to 2 small dogs, approximately 30 pounds or less, from the same family for Homestyle Boarding. I can service up to 2 families at a time. A trial boarding stay is required prior to your vacation dates as well as proof of vaccinations and flea/tick medication for this service.

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black paw prints
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Small Dog Boarding

Services Offered

Vaccination Requirements: Please note that proof of Rabies and Distemper shots is required prior to my first visit.  Please have a current vet record printed or emailed to me.

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Meet & Greet

Small Terrier

15-Minute Potty Break

Kathy's Pupper Doodles - Cat Visits

30-Minute Cat Visit

Milton - seatbelt

Pet Taxi & Errand Service

Kera - boarding

Small Dog Boarding

Golden Retriever


Weekly & Vacation Visits

Dog with Toy


30-Minute Visit / Walk

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Questions? Contact Me

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black paw prints
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